Jason and the Golden Fleece

By: Hewitt Jones, Anita

A dramatic telling of the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece, with parts for narrator and/or actors, string ensemble, and optional percussion instruments.


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Composer’s Note: The legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece exists in many forms. Here, the story is told as simply as possible. While it can be performed with the single narrator, in which case the narrator reads the words in brackets and the italicised words, there are opportunities for a number of voices in order to make the story as dramatic as possible. At the end, the narrator(s) should peer into the distance as the ship disappears over the horizon.

Percussion instruments, such as wood blocks for the building of the ship; rain sticks and ocean drums for the sound of the sea; queries to support the glissasndi in the bullfight; Chinese symbols or wind chimes for the Golden Fleece and, if possible, a gong for the Dragon should be added. All instruments should feel free to improvise in places such as letter M.




Old Woman/Medea

Old Man/King Peleas

Oak Tree

N.B. this can be performed with narrator alone.

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