Bow Strokes for Violin


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by Caroline Lumsden and Anita Hewitt Jones A compendium of pieces for practising different bow strokes (Grade 3+)

This useful book contains a wide selection of pieces that you can dip into with one learner, or with a full ensemble. The pieces introduce different bow strokes and help the players to practice each one.

The pieces allow for flexibility to help cater for different experience levels simultaneously. For example, advanced players can play ‘climbing the scale’ one octave higher.

In ‘Moonlight’, one learner can stand in the middle of the group, and move their bow slowly, then quickly, then loudly, then softly, then using crescendo and diminuendo, while all the other players copy them – great for practising changes of bow speed, weight, and placement. Everyone will want a go!

The ‘Passamezzo’ has become a firm favourite for practising string crossing and chords, and has different variations for practising in different parts of the bow. There are helpful hints and exercises throughout the book.

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