6 Month Licence (Organisational)

Personal licence for unlimited printing, download and duplication of Musicland Publications sheet music over a 6 month period.




As we update the Musicland Publications catalogue, we are gradually making available all our new editions as digital downloads. Our most popular sheet music and books will still be available via your local music retail store, but for your convenience we will also be providing downloadable digital files for new editions. We will also be publishing some digital-only items, allowing us a far greater range of sheet music for you to enjoy.

Our 6 and 12 month licences give you ‘all you can eat’ downloads of our new editions (and, eventually, the whole catalogue, once everything has been reissued). For the period of your licence, up to 5 named individuals within your organisation will be able to print or copy digital files of the Musicland Publications catalogue, as many times as they want.

Copyright notice: Please note that digital downloads are copyright protected and you are not permitted to share digital files with other users! Print/copy licence is for use only only within your organisation by up to 5 named individuals, and expires after the period of your licence. You will need to renew your licence after the initial period expires, in order to continue duplicating legally.